Wednesday 19 April 2017

Long Long Long Long Runs and Farndon Church

I've been really good this week! 6 days running out of 7, and the 7th of those was cricket nets.

Two of those runs were 13km, and I managed to keep going although very slow towards the end. I'm not on my best running form thanks to the leg injuries I've had.

But enough of the boring stuff! Who cares about my rancid old leg, and the endless bruises caused by my being a rubbish cricketer as well. The main purpose of today's mission was to head out to Farndon church and try and catch it with its full complement of wildflowers.

I so wanted to show this to my colleagues on my Works walk, and we went too early!

No such misfortune today. It was absolutely beautiful, full of forget me not, dandelion, bluebell, lady's smock and cow parsley. In turn it was full of insect life, with lots of honey bees absolutely orange with pollen from the dandelions, bumblebees and all over a patch of nettles a large number of instar shield bugs of some species or other.

The instars are far faster moving the adults, as it turns out. I was quite surprised by this.

I've just biked back from watching a club evening league game, which we won. In the dark. And I have a very red face from all that running and cycling on a chilly day!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 19.04.17


  1. Exquisite Simon. I love the way you have captured the complementary colours of yellow and blue in the dandelions and forget me nots.

  2. Wonderful to see all the colours of the Spring wildflowers at the church Simon. A lovely set of photos :)

  3. Thank you! Today's the first running day off I've had for a week, not done a whole lot!

  4. Churches always has every species of natures, love it.

  5. Lovely. I think the shield big could be a hairy?

  6. ooh I'll look up haory shield big, there were loads of them!

  7. Haven't seen a shield bug for a couple of years. Remember how difficult you used to find photographing insects and now you are doing very well.

    1. Not attempting to use any macro settings help! Thank you John.