Friday 14 April 2017

Writing, Running and Cricketing the Blues Away

WEll it's not really blues, more I am always trying to banish boredom, the creeping major league irritant that always lurks at the back of my life, the lumbering overweight tiger prowling around a cage of his own mental making.

So, I run, and photograph things, and write.

I think people forget how much of a boon the mobile phone camera is. So many things are now documented in our lives, things of interest, things we just bump into that once upon a time we would have lost apart from to our unreliable memories.

Now we are all photographers, and don't feel afraid to call myself that even though I use a mobile phone camera for a lot of my work. You still have skills of composition, choosing a subject matter and "seizing the moment".

There's also editing and image processing too.

We are now netting outside at cricket, and my little left arm reverse swingers aren't going too badly, neither is my batting, which sounds preposterous for someone as clumsy as I am. I've probably hexed myself now. The cows by the ground have just started calving, which makes for a cheery sight, as does the low sun lighting up the castle. I've done a 10km run today without too much calf trouble of my own, grey but mild in the occasional bursts of sunshine.

As for writing, my nature writing is strong, I hope, but other areas have fallen away. This makes me sad.


All text and images copyright CramCrackeredNature 14.04.17


  1. I like the immediacy of your phone photos, Si. Glad to hear the leg is improving. CT.

  2. Lovely photos, particularly nice to see all those cherry trees already fully in bloom!

  3. Thank you for your comments! Got some good ones today, pretty pleased.