Sunday 9 April 2017

THe Wedding Fayre of Doom

It didn't exactly take Nostradamus like skills to realise that today was going to be fantastic weatherwise, and indeed between 11am and 7pm I was barely inside.

This morning I had an amble to the park for tea, to find the cafe full of cyclists, runners, and children. Without a table to sit at, I figured it would be better to take a walk around the park first, and although I was surprised to hear no chiff chaff today, I saw my first speckled wood in the old wood, and many other butterflies were on view.

For some reason, today all the peacocks decided to take to the air. I haven't really seen any before now, but lots fluttering about today, very powerfully. Perhaps they need a warmer temperature than small torts and brimstones.

After my tea, I walked along the river to the castle, where I was delighted to see that the door to the undercroft of the castle was open. They do this for Halloween, and carol concerts, but today it was a wedding fayre that had opened up this historic little room, all done out with flowers so you could imagine getting married in it.

This wasn't so bad, but the display of tacky wedding limos in the castle gardens really really was. The star was a sort of blue box of a car that slid open at the touch of a button, while at the same time a champagne bar opened up in the back, sliding out from the back seat. I was half expecting to see a leopard skin water bed.

Presumably this is what the bride and groom of the 2010s likes for their "special day." I have to say, for some reason I've never seen the classiest wedding parties in these grounds.

I then did my first shirtless garden sit for 2017, having first sent in the police to remove any possible onlookers from the nearby houses, before cycling off to look at the alpaca farm - there is one in Farndon - and then doing 2 hours of cricket practice.

No wonder I've got a slightly red face!


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  1. Goodness, you had a busy day. A wedding below ground doesn't appeal at all.

  2. You really do show Newark in a completely different light from how I remember it Simon.

  3. Such beautiful flowers!

    I so agree with you about tacky wedding limos...
    And talking about tacky: We have seen a Midsomer Murders episode where they were playing C10 Cricket (not existing, I think). I don't know much about the game but with all those big-screen TV scoreboards, cheerleaders and pyrotechnics the happening looked awful. :)

  4. Beautiful flower photos - glorious weather recently and so many butterflies about :) So agree with you about tacky wedding limos - had one round here at the weekend - just awful :(

  5. Thanks for commenting all, always good to see you!

  6. Lovely flower photos - sounds an interesting day, though why anyone spends a fortune in a wedding is quite beyond my understanding!
    We spent the weekend out sketching - well, himself did a couple of oil paintings, and I did my ysual pencil scribbles. Out at the two churches in my recent walking blog. how's your drawing coming on?

    1. I haven't drawn enough lately, things just haven't run in my favour!