Saturday 29 April 2017

ID these White Flowers?

Came across these yesterday while out on my usual run, a fast 7km in 40 minutes.

Consulting on twitter makes me think they might be Star of Bethlehems.

Well, I've had a busy sort of few days, running around trying to get bikes fixed and all sorts. My main bike is fixed but needs a bit of manual moving of he chain. I tried to fix my old and very crappy bike so I could ride it into work, terrible thing though it is, that punctured on the way bike but now my stepfather very kindly bought some bits for it as I've had to shell out 43 quid on mine.

Got another cricket warm up game tomorrow, went down to watch the first team play today and ran 25 laps round the ground while doing so - 10km in all - while being raced by other players' children.

There's been other pretties to see too, and next door's very cheeky cats are always entertaining...being caught in the garden and then rolling around on their backs to look cute so you don't tell them off.


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  1. I like to run through graveyards. In Vienna there's a long distance path goes through the Vienna Woods, the Lobau, the Lainzer Tiergarten, the Danube Island and also the Zentral Friedhof (Central Graveyard). It's known as the Rundumadum trail, and most of it is also used for an annual 24 hour race. About 135 kms I think. If you reach the graveyard during the night you have to go around the perimeter. The other sections you can run with head torch.

  2. We have some of the white flower in the garden - I have always called it Star of Bethlehem too - although it was already here when we moved in so not 100% sure!

  3. What a lovely cat! Not sure of the flower, though Star of Bethlehem may well be the right name!

  4. I have some in my garden too - Star of Bethlehem sounds right, but it only opens in sunshine!!

  5. I've always called them Star of Bethlehem too. Lovely.

  6. Thank you everyone! Certainly we are at peak spring now, sad now as it won't be for much longer