Tuesday 4 April 2017

The Magnficent Raleigh Roadster

Actually I have no idea whether it is magnificent, and my titling it as a "Roadster" is just straight out of my head. But I came across it at the same roadside bike man that I bought my Decathlon MTB at, and loving looking at bicycles I thought it was nice to see a proper bike with a proper badge on it, hopefully made in Nottingham.

At £65 it was affordable - alarm bells ring as to its actual condition - but much as I liked it as an aesthetic piece of UK cycling history, I'd never ride such a beast. Too slow. Too in need of maintenance I don't have the hands to give it.

Gosh, not sure what's going on with me. This sentiment about an old bit of metal with round rubber bits at the bottom. I think seeing the wonderful BBC documentary on Raleigh a few weeks ago has awakened by appreciation.

Heaven forebid, I'll probably be buying tweeds and getting an old steel bike I can take to the Eroica!


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  1. It is beautiful.

    Wonderful signs of spring in your previous posts!

  2. I used to have Raleigh bikes - my last one a "Touriste" did me proud. In the end I replaced it with a Dawes, and that's going strong, though it needs more exercise!
    I had an aunt and uncle who worked at Raleigh in Nottingham until the early 80s I think.
    But that beast does look a heavy weight.

  3. People do enjoy the steel bikes though!

  4. Haha, some people have a knack for the antique and there's no shame in it. Good stuff mate. Keep us posted.

  5. Wow, it is not bad at all and has perfect condition. I think you will enjoy riding. Just keep it properly serviced and oiled to run it smoothly.