Monday 24 April 2017

Flies, Flowers, and a Shift into Cold

The temperature noticeably dropped sharply today, as forecast, and the odd splash of rain fell.

The skies have no cleared, and the gritters are out on the roads. In late April. I am still on holiday, and the cold weather will not keep me indoors. Although having to wait for a new bike wheel and trainers from Decathlon may do that tomorrow.

I had a 10km run today on my new usual route across the fields to Hawton village, on the way flushing up a very large and very pale looking buzzard. This one had a lot of pale markings on the upper wing, which I got a good view of as it struggled to gain height from the hedge in which it was sitting before I crashed by with my characteristic lack of subtlety.

Elsewhere there seems to be what I think is herb robert starting to emerge in damp areas, the cemetery is just full of flowers, and although there weren't many insects about in the cold a big drone fly gave me a good little photo opp as it sat on a leaf.

I still haven't done a big expedition this time off. The temperature and the state of my bike doesn't really allow this.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 24.04.17


  1. It has become very cold here today. Wished I'd worn gloves on my walk this morning and I noticed a sprinkling of white on the fell tops.
    Your photographs are beautiful. I especially like the top one. X

  2. THank you very much Jules! I had a few snowflakes fall on me last night

  3. Cold here too! Lovely set of photos of all the Spring flowers - the top one of the bluebells is particularly good :)

  4. Great set of flowers. You don't happen to know what the white one near the top is?

    1. Not the cuckoo flower, the one under the buttercup :o)

    2. Great, thanks- I saw some today and couldn't find it in my book.