Monday 10 April 2017

Another Bloody Bike Fail Today

Yes, I thought it was time to head out again, on my de facto single speed bike, on another attempt to visit the villages I failed to on SAturday.

I decided to miss out the first bit of the cycle path today, hoping to avoid the glass strewn bridge which caused my puncture. I joined the Sustrans 64 further down, near the new wind farm, and hald rolled on for a couple of kilometres when I got that now familiar sinking feeling of a deflating rear tire.

I wondered if it was due to the valve not being tightened, and used my handpump to get some pressure back in, but after riding back homewards and having to pump the thing up 3 times, I realised I was going to have to swap the inner on the road again, this time in HAwton village.

Bloody stupid bike! Bloody bike track! Another genuine puncture. Found it quite easily.

So, after the usual stress of getting the tire back on, sat cross legged covered in oil from the chain, I rode back in and decided to have a little walk down the cemetery again. Which was worth doing, as the wild garlic is now out - gosh the leaves smell strong - and some meadow saxifrage has now appeared as well.

The forget me not is lovely, complete with tawny mining bee, the primroses are still going strong and the sun was bright through the blossom.

Still though. Bloody bike.


All texr and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 09.04.17


  1. Poor sad bike but beautiful, beautiful forget me not!

  2. Love the photo of your bike, it looks sort of abandoned.
    Hope the punctures are now sorted.
    Forget-me-nots tend to take over a flower garden, then get covered in mildew and look a right mess!

  3. I love your photos Simon. The one of the bike "playing dead" made me smile! I am glad I stick to walking as I don't think I could deal with a tyre puncture.

  4. Ha the joys of having a bike, lovely photos you have taken ... so nice to see. I have been stuck at work through the nice weather and missed it all :( rain tomorrow on my day of !
    Amanda xx

  5. Thank you all, that bike is off to hospital next week for surgery. Parts cost more than what I paid for it