Monday 3 April 2017

The Spring Flowers Progress

The daffodils are now wilting, the squill / glory of the snows are gone, and crocus is but a memory.

"Garden" type flowers are gone, and more genuinely wild plants have appeared. Today on the park, as chiff chaffs sang deafeningly loudly, marsh marigolds and greater stitchwort have emerged, and lady's smock has been a regular sight for over a week now.

Was listening out for the song of a blackcap, that slightly ill-blown flute sound, but no sign.

It's been a gorgeous day, much filled with walking, running and playing cricket, first time I feel like I've caught the sun! WArm face this evening!


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  1. Lovely bluebells - ours aren't out yet! Our blackcaps are definitely here though!

  2. Thank you! I will be listening out from here on in!

  3. I also love the sound of birds and insects. I feel like they are singing some song in their own Rhythm. If you do observe you can listen to them,.

  4. Spring always comes with alot fun along with it. Blossom of beautiful flowers, fragrance of those flowers and some insects that all comes with spring and that is why spring is a joyful season.