Friday 31 March 2017

A Refreshing Blast of Colour

I saw plenty of that on the sunny days last weekend, while tonight I've been under a clear sky having a gentle evening walk for an hour, enjoying the church lit up, and a thin crescent moon occasionally gauzing itself in thin cloud.

The apparition of Venus is over, it is now at conjunction. Jupiter is more or less at opposition however, and dominates the night sky, with Spica, the blue star that leads Virgo, in close attendance.

Me, I've got some cycling and walking to do tomorrow, before I lead a 10km walk with folk from work who probably won't show up.

We'll see!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 31.03.17


  1. Lovely colourful selection of early Spring flowers :) Do hope your walk goes well.

  2. A wonderful collection, and the colours.

  3. Muscari do seem to be doing well this year. I have them growing everywhere like weeds.

    1. Muscari - is that the pink flower? Or the hyacinthy things.

    2. Muscari - grape hyacinth - 2nd photo down.

  4. A lovely selection - and terrific to feel that we are back into Ladybird season!