Monday 13 March 2017

Life Exploded Today

March 13th 2017. The day spring officially arrived in my world, as far as I'm concerned. For today was the day when I saw brimstone butterflies up for the first time this year...and as ever in the same sort of place.

Most years, my first brimstone is spotted fluttering along the road that leads to Sconce Park, and 2017 is evidently no exception.

When I got to the park, more appeared, flying along hedgerows, along the river's edge, across the pastures, always in the strong direct flight of theirs, never stopping. And why would they, it was a beautiful morning, with strong sunlight overcoming the breeze and slightly chill tempearature to make it a t-shirt day for some brave souls.

But not me. I was in a quilted checked shirt, the son of grunge or something.

So apart from my official brimstone barometer, there were a few small tortoiseshells on the wing too, and loads of birdsong yet no chiffchaffs. That can only be a matter of days.

Elsewhere, bees were on blossom, and bumbles queenly bumbled. There was such colour to be seen too. My happiest time of the year.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 13.03.17


  1. Your happiness shines through in your post, Si!

    No flutterbys for me yet!

  2. Too much chilly wind here at our new home for butterflies yet I fear. Lovely sunny photos from you

  3. I didn't see any butterflies though it was certainly warm enough yesterday. Officially the start of spring nonetheless - I didn't wear a jumper or jacket all day.

  4. Sounds like the perfect day :) Lovely photos of the Spring flowers and bees. Still no flutters here!

  5. Keep your eyes open for those butterflies, I'm sure they are about! Thank you all for your comments

  6. Spring is here, at last. Beautiful spring images Si.

  7. OMG! you made my whole day. These photography is absolutely fabulous. I bookmark this post for the future. I will check it again and again till death.:) Thanks for sharing such a great natural beauty.

  8. This is delightful! I'm so envious but glad you saw some Brimstone butterflies and others. I saw bees this week but no butterflies!