Sunday 5 March 2017

Spring is Getting Busier

Been a very busy week for me, getting the work big annual party organised - alright, helping organise it - and presenting a live raffle draw in a gold lame suit that made me feel like a boiling turkey.

But I have been able to get out and do a little running, and play a little cricket; my quick bowling improving by the day. Obviously running up and down my drive marking my run up and baffling the neighbours has helped.

We had a stunning day yesterday, not super warm but bright and spring like and hence a lot of buzzers came out of hiding to have a feed. A big queen buff tailed bumblebee was out searching for a home in my garden beneath the sycamores, and the crocuses were getting a lot of attention from honey bees and the odd drone fly.

I had a listen for chiff chaffs again, but no joy. A lot of great tits were singing their loud and very repetitive "Deeee-doooo" call. The nest boxes in the park will soon be getting busy.

A lovely day.


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  1. Lovely to see so many Spring flowers - the crocuses are just gorgeous :)

  2. We've not had much sun here recently so few insects out. Swallows are back I hear (just a few early birds!).

  3. I shall have a swallow hunt next weekend!