Sunday 19 March 2017

First Butterfly Shot of the Year

Today has mainly been about charging about bowling quick (ha!) and trying to bat well in the nets. Mixed results on both fronts, but I'm hopeful of a good season, in a couple of weeks outdoor practice will recommence and I'll be able to enjoy nature while dressed in a too small cricket shirt.

This morning I got out on my bike, it was very very bright but there was a hell of a wind blowing, which meant I didn't think I'd see anything. But when I went over to have a look at the little flower garden - no wallflowers planted this year yet - a bright shape fluttered up from the grass before settling down onto he dark, warming soil to bask.

A small tortoiseshell butterfly, happy to pose for my first snap of the year!


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  1. Nice to see it, and clearly not shot ;)

  2. Ooh Lovely - still haven't managed to see a butterfly yet!

  3. I saw my first dead bee this morning.

  4. LOL Saw my first hoverfly today, very much alive too!