Saturday 11 March 2017

Up to Lincoln Arboreturn

Or rather "Up up up up, and then down a bit."

Lincoln is very very hilly. Anyone who has ever visited it will know that as well as being full of Steampunks, it is also full of hills, especially the very steep one upon which the cathedral sits, hence having the name of "Steep Hill."

Normally I only go to Lincoln for the cycle Grand Prix every May, but today, I just needed to visit, intrigued by the idea of visiting bits of it I'd never gone to before, particularly the big Arboretum park just down from the Cathedral.

So up I went, up busy cobbled streets, promising to ignore any shops or cafes I wanted to visit, up into the sky, Steep Rill rising before me like a ladder, past the bookshops, past the vintage shops, past the strange shop that sells aircraft altimeters, and thence finally with even my mighty legs achey, up to the top.

I then of course found I had to go back down a way to get the to Arboretum, going through some of the ancient arches that define this historic city.

I love urban open spaces. I always have. But for some reason, I found the Arboretum sterile, despite the blossom and birdson and mating mallards. THe maze was dull, the statues dull, the bandstand dull, and the ponds as so many are in ornamental gardens totally devoid of subsurface life.

There was no cafe either.

I just find well kept spaces totally unappealling. You've got to let them go a bit wild! I was just having no reaction to the space at all. Hear that Lincoln. Let your parks go wild!!!

I think I was having a bad day in my head as well, to be fair. Feeling a bit numb.


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  1. What a fascinating city! The cathedral looks gorgeous.
    I'm sorry you didn't like the arboretum. I would have loved it. I adore well kept spaces, and especially in March when what we have is only snow, snow, snow. :)
    Have a happy Sunday!

  2. All the times I've visited Lincoln and I've never explored the arboretum. I like the look of the waterfall and the maze.
    Walking up Steep Hill I never miss having a look inside John Birkett's shop though I've never bought an altimeter yet!

  3. Thank you so much for your comments, gosh so much to see today I don't know where to start!

  4. Looks a great day out with so much to see and do. I would really like to visit that cathedral! A shame about the arboretum - I'm not a lover of the manicured type park!