Saturday 18 March 2017

Hairy Footed Flower Bees have Woken Up

I've had a busy day of it, with my morning walk, and a 25km cycle ride in the afternoon where buzzards watched me from the trees, and the white rumps of bullfinches, and the sunshine bright faces of yellowhammers popped up from hedges as I headed by at 25km/h - hardly Jason Kenny speed.

But the morning, despite the grey weather, showers and wind, produced a nice little surprise, low down with the flowering red dead nettle. A little brown buzzer, thought it was a little carder out working but no, the characteristic white face gave it away as a hairy footed flower bee.

Normally these very active insects are really really hard to photograph, but with the early season dullness, this fellow paused long enough for me to squeeze off a couple of mobile phone snaps.

Wonder when the tawny mining bees will show up. The females are so colourful!


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  1. I spotted a few bees while walking around the hospital grounds this week, all very dopy though I hope they survive the rough weather we are now having

  2. Saw my first Hairy foot in the garden as well.

  3. So fast moving, they never stay still