Wednesday 15 March 2017

Kite Flying Festival!

This took place on Sunday, a rather damp and windy day that didn't really big up the prospects of major level kite festivities at Sconce Park.

But there were folk there, folk there in their cars with signs and string and kites of fanciful shapes and sizes. One guy just sailed his kite up to a great height, next to a very watery sun, while another chap had a kite that was essentially just a square, but was able to fantastic spins and tricks as he let the line out to well over 100 metres.

Other kites just sat on the ground and didn't do anything so they might as well have been pianos made out of stone.


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  1. Oh, kites are wonderful!
    I have a small one, with a figure of a hawk. I take it out perhaps once a year, when there's a good wind and a blue sky. Perhaps I will try to take photos next time.
    Thank you for the inspiring post!

  2. Just the opposite here for a young family who were flying kites on the cricket field, virtually no wind. One youngster, probably no more than 4 yr old, was still managing to get one airborne for short periods.

  3. I love kites, they fly like a swooping Peregrine Falcon.