Wednesday 1 July 2015

Venus and Jupiter at Conjunction

If you look lowish in the west now, or the next couple of nights, you will see the very bright so called "Evening Star" Venus, and the rather fainter Jupiter, sinking together into the twilight like lazy celestial lovers. I was watching them last night, along with a roosting jackdaw.

Astronomical events are so beautiful, free to look at, and unlikely to be marred by hooligans. 

Other night-time activities to look out for are the increasing numbers of pub moths I'm starting to see battering themselves against lit windows or hiding up in the pub rafters, and the number of swifts about, which seems to have tripled with the heatwave. I've just been out at 10pm, and there are still loads of them up there even after sunset, screeching their heads off.

Think I will encounter bats tonight.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 01.07.15

Riband wave fancies late night chips

Crow watches conjunction

Closer view

Burnt out grey arches

Double top!


  1. Yes, we were out in the farmyard looking at Venus and Jupiter last evening - beautiful. We seem to have either one or two bats here. They have been around for a long time but we never see more, we don't know where they roost and we are not even sure there are two!

  2. Missed it last night due to low cloud! So good to see the swifts out after sunset

  3. We did see them in the sky the night before Venus and Jupiter, last night was thunder and the best lightening we have seen, no rain so we could sit out and watch the sky light up.....

  4. Might get to see them tonight! We will see, I love my astronomy stuff