Friday 3 July 2015

Another Run to Winthorpe Lake

Well, there was a bright sun, but there was a nice breeze and temperatures weren't too fierce, so another longer distance so-called "adventure run" seemed a much better idea than it did when I ran 12km in 33 degree heat a couple of days ago, for idiotic reasons of machismo.

It's a pleasant trip out there, through pretty Winthorpe village and the cottage on the level crossing that has loads of house martins nesting in it, and then onto the Trent Valley Way up to the lake.

I've often decried the lake at Winthorpe as being a rather sterile place, maintained solely for the purpose of fishing. And in some ways, it is. But today, the thistles had been allowed to grow wild and tall, and all sorts of life were taking advantage.

There were my first common blue and blue tailed damselflies of the year, both of them silently flying like tiny neon lights and being as ever impossible to photograph with a mobile phone. There were large skippers too, with their wings like furry dart flights.

Meadow browns and ringlets were also plentiful, as were a few gatekeepers. You may remember me writing yesterday that this attractive golden butterfly wouldn't be around for a few weeks yet; I guess my lack of knowledge has been effortlessly exposed.

For not only were they up, they were actually posing for photographs for me! They never do this, they are normally pretty elusive, irritatingly aware of knowing when to fly off just as you press the camera button. Evidence of my ignorance can thus be posted for your amusement.

I just wish I hadn't run home part the sewage farm.


All images and text copyright CreamCrackeredNature 03.07.15

The martin colony

Trent Valley Way
Winthorpe Lake

Usual terrible damsel shot

An even worse one of a blue tailed damsel

Large skipper

Beautiful male gatekeeper

The well known concrete barge at the lake

River Trent on the way home

This is a good caterpillar. A bit of a google makes me think it might be a peacock

The "other" lock

Kayak fisherman

Polish flowers!

Her garden is a riot of colour today

These lilies are stunning


  1. A very nice mix of wildlife seen on your run today Simon. I saw my 1st Gatekeeper yesterday and these very freshly emerged males tend to be less active for a little while. Keep your eyes on Common Nettles for large numbers of those Peacock caterpillars.

  2. Nice post lovely to see and the Lilies look stunning and they must smell nice too.
    Amanda xx

  3. Lots of wildlife from your run Simon. I saw my first Gatekeepers of the year last week. The lilies are gorgeous :)

  4. Thanks, I will do! Glad you are enjoying reading this stuff, it's been slow in starting, the butterfly year, but we are getting there

  5. My Polish neighbour has just got flowers everywhere, and very evidently she loves her lillies!