Saturday 25 July 2015

Kelham Hill Adventure

With my cricket team not even able to raise a full side today, despite the riduculously low talent requirements, I found myself with a free saturday afternoon and decided to burn off more calories than a day trundling around a cricket pitch would do.

I've been planning a tram up the hill at the back of Kelham Village for a while, and finding online a couple of Kelham circular walks utilising parts of the TRent Valley Way gave me inspiration for a 7 mile route to follow.

After I'd already run a couple of miles to Kelham.

As it happened, the route proved impossible for me to complete for a couple of reasons; firstly, the fact that some parts are too overgrown to be passable, and secondly, I'm navigationally useless. But I still had an enjoyable trip out, up steeps hills, past remote farms, and photographing bees, butterflies, and the view from about the highest part of this chunk of Nottinghamshire.

In the end I ran 17km, rather less than I was expecting to, but still a good run nonetheless, and hopefully when I get an OS map, I'll be able to do the route properly!


A nice busy bee to start

Path through a barley field

Ran on part of this route

Oil seed rape after the flowers have gone

Bohemian cuckoo perhaps, on rosebay willow herb


Followed this ringlet for ages to get this shot

Viking ship at Cold Harbour Farm

View to the power station

Now across to the sugar factory

Windy miller


  1. Love the shot of the path through the field of barley.

  2. That barley in the field Wilma mentions looks just about ripe.

  3. I too love the photo of the path through the barley. Well done on the Ringlet photo - I spent ages yesterday trying to photograph them - almost impossible when they are among the grass!

  4. 17km, good running Simon and nice photos too.

  5. Think we are all liking the shot through the barley a walk I would like to do...
    Amanda xx

  6. THanks for the positive feedback folks! That barley field just looks golden and gorgeous, it's like a shot from Gladiator when Maximus sees himself walking through his fields (complete with non Roman tractor tracks!).

    Ringlets are tricky. Maybe the fact the sun had gone in made it easier to get the shot.

  7. That's a fair old run, Simon. Nice bee and hoverfly pics, and the ringlet too.

  8. lovely photos, specially the ringlet.

  9. Thanks my friends! Had a very different sort of close encounter today!