Wednesday 15 July 2015

Slowly Falls the Sun

Went for a gentle run to Beacon Hill Reserve tonight, with birds and bees and flowers all going to sleep as the horizon prepared to embrace the setting sun.

Except a song thrush, looking for snails to batter on Clay Lane as I had seen one do a few days ago, using a large stone as an anvil for a spot of mollusc inquisition. When the rain comes, blackbirds pull worms out of the ground with ease.

They may only be a small bird, but they seem to be able to thrash The Earth at Tug of War.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 15.07.15


  1. Some nice Sunset views. Not an easy subject.

  2. We have few song thrushes here Si - we sometimes hear one at sundown but never see it - and it is a bird I love.

  3. We should all make the most of going out in the evening to watch the sun set, lovely images...
    Amanda xx

  4. Thank you folks, it was a lovely evening! Our Mrs Blackbird returned to her nest of earlier in the year, spruced it up, laid some eggs and was chased off by next door's cat after two days. Very sad again. That cat will prevent any birds nesting in my parent's garden again.

  5. Very nice. Never had you down as such a sensitive appreciator of nature; but then we were young and unruly and cared not so much about such things back then, perhaps. Seems like an age ago. Lovely website, enigmatic pics. :) x

  6. Thanks SArah it is good to see you on here, reading my stuff. I was always interested in natural stuff, these days it is more serious, and I can find the words to describe it.