Thursday 30 July 2015

Newark's Pagan Temple

This former chapel, built in 1556 and standing close to the modern day Newark and Sherwood College, is a building that has always intrigued me.

To be frank I've always wanted to live in it. It's a simple, one roomed building of stone, with a raised sort of altar at one end. I always thought that you could get a bathroom and kitchenette put in it, and then create a mezzanine affair to act as a bedroom, it would be a fabulous and convenient place to live, notwithstanding the ghastly rough pub not too far away. A very artistic sort of place to get some writing done in.

But now, it has been court, and converted into an "Odinist Temple" for local followers of a Viking - Pagan cult based on nature. More information can be found here!

Odinist Temple

I think it's a fantastic building, different as can be from the town's Masonic Lodge. The stipples on the stonework are a connection to men of a different age entirely.


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  1. The link made a very interesting read. Marvellous how something built without modern machinery can last over 400 years.

  2. Very interesting building.

  3. Thanks for dropping by folks! Wish I'd had the money to buy it!

  4. Interesting building but it doesn't look exactly cosy does it?

  5. it's Spartan inside but I reckon could be made a pretty cosy old pad!

  6. It's a wonderful old building, I can just see someone converting it. Never heard of that Viking cult before. Interesting!

  7. Lovely old building, re-built in a field next to a river I would live there too...
    Amanda xx

  8. Oh wow, I love the architecture and the history behind it! Really interesting post. - Tasha