Friday 17 July 2015

Play Spot the Skippers!

Just a little warm up for you tonight before my main post. I've never seen so many skippers as I have done today among this unknown to me violet coloured plant. Some stems had as many as ten small skippers on, fluttering about, fighting, attempting to mate...and just being butterflies enjoying the sun.

So have a look at these uncropped shots, and see how many small skippers you can see. They are clearly having an amazingly good year.


Images and text CreamCrackeredNature 17.07.15


  1. THere's a bonus green veined white in one of the pictures too!

  2. Good sightings! We logged a good number of Skippers and 6-spots for our butterfly counts at Minsmere and Snape. Haven't seen any blue butterflies for a while ...

  3. I saw a common blue wafting past yesterday, but they are more or less done for the year, I think?