Thursday 9 July 2015

Butterflies on the Run

It was a grim day yesterday, but today for my first day off the sun was out, and I headed out along the owl road, loving seeing all the butterflies I'd missed in the spring. Lots of ringlets and meadow browns are out along the cycle path, and wherever there are thistles, there are small skipper butterflies making the most of that sweet Scottish nectar!

However, they weren't the only flutterers enjoying a good drink today...

Bonus new friend walking home last night

Back to today, and rosebay willow herb seems to be in flower

Sadly the glorious poppies have faded away

A vetch type flower out on the cycle path

Small skipper, sadly not best focus

Small skipper on thistle

Soldier beetle love.

Small tortoiseshell

Beautiful colours, a beautiful show

Plenty of them now up

Bohemian cuckoo gets in on the act

Skulking meadow brown

Large white

Pretty tiny flowers at Devon Pasture


  1. I've noticed lots of butterflies out recently! Good to see them. I must take my big camera for a walk soon and get some shots! I like your tortoiseshell photos especially.

  2. Lots of meadow brown about today in the fields by the river!