Monday 20 July 2015

Lazy Miscellania

Today has just been a wander around kind of day, a gentle run, a gentle wander around the garden snapping, and a gentle wander around my sofa watching Star Trek 6. A productive day or what?!

I think the reason for the malaise was the grey skies and clagging humidity that made walking around or running a seriously sticky business. Despite the absence of sun, the heat as soon as I started running was staggering, and my drinks bottle barely lasted 5km.

Luckily for butterflies, they don't sweat, and the warmer it is, the more they like it! Ditto the bees, who are loving it now the buddleias are in full bloom.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 20.07.15

Bees also love library lavender

More Polish lilies

Love the greens in this picture

Mystery tree down the drive in flower, bees like this too

Running. Clay Lane now impassable

Speckled white

Small white edge on

Yet another small skipper

Frightened up this moth..

...which then settled

Bees love buddleia too!


  1. Nice to have a "potter" day, and just look what's about. Very grey and damp here and still waiting for my Buddleia to flower..
    Amanda xx

  2. Don't apologise for a semi lazy day Si - your photographs always tell a different story. Could you send some of that weather up this way - here in North Yorkshire it is largely wet and bitterly cold.

  3. Thanks! Hoping soon to have better camera to take better shots for you, I'm getting frustrated now with all this blurry rubbish my Motorola spews out.

    UPDATE - I've just looked around, and found some tips that weren't on the net before. So we'll see!

  4. We all need a pottering day :) enjoyed your photos.

  5. Thanks Denise, thinking of somje suitable targets for the weekend and beyond!