Wednesday 22 July 2015

The Suicidal Slug

Was having a sneaky pint the other night, when I noticed this fellow making his way across the slightly stereotypical beer barrel table in order to have a bit of a feast.

Now I'm no gardener, but I'd always assumed that slugs and salt don't really go together; indeed, sprinkle salt on a slug, and a rather nasty sounding process called "exosmosis" causes water to be leached out of the unsuspecting invertebrate and cause it to die a rather painful death.

So why this specimen was carrying out the slimily-trailed version of a trip to Dignitas by getting stuck into some salted peanuts. What was it up to? Life in a pub beer garden gotten too much for it? Lost all its life savings to a fake African slug Prince? Made redundant from the local lettuce eating business?

We shall never know.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 22.07.15


  1. All it needs now is a pint of beer to fall in to.!
    Amanda xx

  2. That could very easily have been arranged!

  3. Well at least you didn't try to dissuade it! Death to all slugs I say.

  4. Oh I dunno, there's probably some squelchily important function they have in the ecosystem

  5. They're fascinating, but not when they eat the plants! I thought salt did them in too!