Tuesday 28 July 2015

Buddleia Living

Today had one of my better, less painful runs that I've had in a while. Felt like I was going really well, trainers made of a bouncy substance moulded by the Gods in Olympus, until I looked at my GPS app and found that I'm still not able to do sub 6 minute kilometres, when I can do under 5 on a 10 km run when I'm in best shape.

Which to be fair, is still hardly world, country, county or even street beating. 

Ah never mind, just enjoy it!

So, I headed today for what I always refer to as "The Butterfly Park" on Beacon Hill Reserve. It's a brownfield bit of land that has been colonised by huge clumps of buddleia, and on nice days acts as a magnet for many species of butterfly, especially peacocks. But after a promising burst of sunshine in the afternoon, the clouds came over again, and the butterflies decided to stay in bed.

Luckily there were a few interesting bees to capture, and some hoverflies too. I've managed to find a way of sorting out the autofocus issues on my mobile phone, so hopefully photos will be clearer now. They couldn't be any worse, after all.

After the slight butterfly let down, I carried on my run down to the river, and was treated to the sight of two common terns seemingly having a slight aerial scrap. As well as being much smaller than gulls, their call is very different too. It's a rather plaintive and quavering cry, a sort of mewling sound like a souped up mega-swallow.

A very pretty end to my run!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 28.07.15

Just bumming around

Thistle restaurant

Bee mimicking fly I think

Upside down

On opposite sides of the globe

I've never known what this is!

Inside the butterfly park

Another view


  1. Much sharper images! Love the purple flowers.

  2. Thanks, I'm much happier with them too!

  3. Buddleia looks nice, still waiting for mine to come out, yellow flower is Evening primrose, which I really don't think the name fits this flower..and photos are looking good.
    Amanda xx

  4. My best 5k time is 27mins. Not sure I could keep that speed up over 10k though! Running is funny isn't it? One day it all goes swimmingly, the next is more of an effort. Still all good though and we feel better for it. :o)

  5. Lovely to see the buddleias and bees :) Several brownfield sites round here with dozens of buddleias. Must go and check the nearest out when its next sunny!! Photos do look sharper.

  6. Lovely photos you've taken there. Sounds like you always have a super time when running.

  7. I've got a 22.56 5km Parkrun from last year, but wouldn't get near that now! I'm 51 minutes over 10km at my best.

    I do love running Denise, not just for mental and Tourette benefits, but because of the opportunities it gives me to see stuff. And i I'm marathon training, I'll be seeing a lot.

  8. lovely photos, always nice to see bees and hoverflies out and about