Saturday 11 July 2015

Cricket Nature! Today at Lowdham

Turned out for the 3rds today at Lowdham, and in addition to spotting a very late brimstone butterfly on the way, the main feature on view at the ground was the large number of house martins wheeling around, making their electronic "Brrrr brrrr" calls as they hunted in the treetops.

There was plenty of time to look at them as we were walloped for 336 off 45 overs, the ball being mainly up among the birds anyway on its way into the stream at one end over the ground, or over the road among the cars and buses heading for Nottingham. It was really nice to see so many of them, more than you see in Newark, their white bellies catching the sun as they turned, shallow forked tails opening up to aid their changes of direction.

They must have been worried little hirundids, so often was the ball spanked up into the flock. There was also a travelling fair visiting the ground, so they had to contend with Rita Ora being blared out from the Waltzer at earth crushing volume as well.

At times we were getting thrashed so badly, I felt like nipping off for a hot dog. Never been a fan of candy floss though.


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  1. I shall keep absolutely silent about that cricket defeat.
    We have a huge number of house martins around the farmhouse but swallows are in rather short supply this year.

  2. It was a tough day in the field! Swallows are ok this year, swifts doing very well at the moment