Saturday 4 July 2015

The Prince Upon the Cycle Path

I've been playing cricket again today.

Your actual proper cricket this time, not messing about in the nets or having a few gentle throw downs. A match, on a glorious afternoon. I'd bowled and batted well at nets the other day, so I was hopeful.

And of course, in the end I was dreadful. Scored 1 run, fielded badly and my bowling was all over the place. We got hammered out of sight, and thus I had time to ride out on my bicycle.

I was just scudding along, when a scuttle interrupted my scud in front of me, and I had to do a little swerve and stop.

It was a little toad, about quarter sized, just making its way across into the deep long grass to look for worms, probably. It was very well behaved, and it occurred to me that if I kissed it a prince,  a better cricketer than me would suddenly appear. The team, oh by golly, definitely needs one.

It then occurred to me that there were people around, so I didn't. We'll just have to lose again next week.


All images and text are copyright CreamCRackeredNature 04.07.15

Actually, it's probably a princess

A prettier face couldn't be seen

Just ambling along

Red tailed malel was rather busier

Fresh out in the garden


  1. My friend (who I visited yesterday and sat by her pond) has toads in her pond and also bumble bees who have taken over one of her bird boxes. She is a keen naturalist and has a small but very bug friendly garden. It was a joy to sit in it with her and watch everything.

  2. My tree bumblebee nests have largely gone quiet, but still plenty of bees out in the field! No joy with my folks' bee box now.

  3. That would have been some sight seeing you kissing a toad :)))
    Amanda xx

  4. Poor old toad! It wouldn't have deserved it.

  5. Well, I hope your team wins next week even without kissing the toad :)

  6. After my 1 whole run, they may not let me back!