Tuesday 7 July 2015

More Garden Colours to Paint Upon my Brain

After long days in work sometimes just lolling in front of Doctor Who repeats - tonight it's "Genesis of the Daleks" with Tom Baker - feeling like your squandering your mind, you need to get outside in the garden and paint your cortex with colour, and to head out on bicycle or in running shoes and take the evening in, and enjoy the world for a bit.

I did so last night. And I fully intend to do so again shortly. I really hope I'm not sounding like a particularly pretentious "lifestyle" blogger. I'll be eating quinoa and artsean bread at this rate.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 07.07.15


  1. lovely photos and what a sweet looking cat!

  2. Lovely garden colour Simon :)

  3. Oh the cat is a swine, next door's naughty cat who attacks our nesting birds and widdles on the grave of our cat who died last year!

  4. Beautiful! Especially the kitty!

  5. Fabulous garden colour..............love the cat but have just noticed you say he is naughty............he is still cute though {but I wish he would leave the birds alone)

  6. Hi Sue, nice to see you here!

    THe neighbours knew he was bad with birds, because they put a bell on him. But he isn't sporting it now, and he's been in the trees investigating the abandoned nests.