Tuesday 30 June 2015

Cricket and Swifts

Sport with balls for a change! None of my solitary, self indulgent running and cycling tonight, I actually mixed and did sport with other people, many of whom were talking about my third team colleagues who (without me) conceded 303 for 2, before being bowled out for 25.

Would never have happened if I was there, twitching around the outfield and dropping catches, before bowling like a drain and batting like a blocked one.

Speaking of twitching, cricket is good for this, providing I'm occupied with batting or bowling rather than being out out to grass in the outfield. Never twitch while I'm batting. Good job, as I have enough trouble hitting the ball as it is.

Cycling home, was really able to see how many swifts have arrived with the heatwave. It was avian carnage by the Chinese takeaway, as around a dozen birds circled low over my head, occasionally approaching the eaves of buildings as if to fly into a nest hole before turning away at the last minute.

One or two birds even came at me at little over head height before climbing up and over the roof of the florists on the other side of the road, wings fluttering seemingly far too weakly to obtain such speed.

The earthbound cyclist is a feeble thing by comparison.


All images and text copyright CreamCrackeredNature 30.06.15

Sunrays kiss the pavilion

Early practice

Out on the greensward

Purveying a bit of leg spin

Thunder calves


  1. Used to watch cricket a lot when I was a young girl.......on the local village green.

    Love to hear about the swifts.......fabulous news.

  2. At this rate my match on saturday will be a very hot and sticky affair

  3. My dad's a huge cricket fan (though only through watching on tv), though I've never got into it myself.

    I love watching swifts, though numbers are down round our flat this year, though good numbers in the other places i normally see them