Thursday 18 June 2015

The Glorious Poppies of Newark

The poppies I've photographed below have had a lot of attention in town lately, making the cover of the local newspaper and also being featured on endless twitter feeds and local instagram accounts.

With good reason too, they are stunning.

Last year was a bit of a poor year for poppies, this field was empty, and the half poppy half oilseed half buttercup field that looked like a Zimbabwean flag at a distance - off Clay Lane - was also very subdued. I don't know how that field is looking this year yet, but these Hawton Lane poppies have suddenly exploded into fiery glory in the last few week, compared even to the attractive sight they made a few weeks ago when I last photographed them.

It's a pity the butterflies are struggling to match them. The only ones I'm seeing at all the last few days are speckled woods here and there; orange tips have had a disastrous year with the cool spring and second flight small tortoiseshells and peacocks have yet to emerge. Hopefully the expected blizzard of painted ladies will even things up.

My tree bumblebee nests are incredibly busy. Today, managed to get a photograph of the little ginger buzzers!



All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 18.06.15

Polish cornflowers getting the customers again

Tree bumble factory clocking in

4 woodpigeon eggs broken in my garden this morning

Bumbles love this garden plant

Abandoned blackbird egg

Look at the colour of this field

Beauty from a lower angle


  1. Nice photos Simon with the exception of the last two which are fabulous. Love the colour in those last two photos, great shots.

  2. Natural shots on my mobile phone, no filter or playing or anything. That's exactly how it was. Thanks Ian.

  3. You are right the poppies do look stunning. My Tree bees have quietened down over the past few days as they move on to find their own spot. Shame about the eggs, wonder if the weather has anything to do with it, (been really cold here) , not enough food for parents to put their energy into raising chicks..
    Amanda xx

  4. Could be true Amanda, barely seen a fledgeling of any kind this spring!

  5. Ah absolutely beautiful poppy fields and the cornflowers are definitely the favourites of bees - I see loads of them here hovering around them. Such pretty flowers too! Thank you for the lovely comments on my latest post. - Tasha

  6. Would be great to see a lovely red field like that. All I get round here is yellow.

  7. I've never seen a poppy field like that before anywhere. It is stunning to see, and in such an unexpectedly dour location - opposite a concrete pile factory.

  8. Lovely poppies and amazing to see so many tree bumble bees all together!

  9. Beautiful shots of the poppies Simon - what a great sight :)

  10. Crazily, it seems folk have come as far afield as Cambridge to see them.

  11. Wonderful poppies! As for butterflies, I haven't seen many so far this year, either.

  12. I dreamt of butterflies last night. My brain is missing them, evidently.