Monday 8 June 2015

A Long, Wet, Walk

Been a day of two halves, yawn yawn cliche cliche, today. I had a busy old morning, getting my hair cropped, buying a pair of proper, if not terribly sexy, walking shorts and visiting the library. The sun was out, and I watched the bumblebees going mad for the geraniums in the park there.

The lavender is just coming into flower and so the bees will be mad for that shortly. In the afternoon, I decided to head out walking and for reasons I ought to be kicking myself for, reasoned that as I'm still not running it had better be a long one. It ended up being ten plus miles, in unceasing rain, across the Grange Road fields to Hawton, and hence to Farndon and Willow Holt.

I couldn't resist trying out my shorts - Peter Storm ones from Millets - and it was just as well I did because they got very wet, yet dried really quickly as soon as the rain eased. What didn't perform so well were my Karrimor walking trainers. The rain itself wasn't the problem, rather, walking through long grass and barley and getting rivers of water running down my legs onto my shoes. They were saturated in seconds, and consequently I did most of the walk with soaked feet.

 There's a lesson to be learnt there, if I ever start walking serious distances. Still, I was happy, listening and laughing out loud to a Radio 4 programme about the horror rivalry between Hammer and Amicus films, taking snaps of wildflowers, and just generally putting one foot in front of the other. Very squelchy feet.

 I regret to say my other piece of non-erotic wear, my yellow "Kag in a Bag" also had to be deployed when the rain got too heavy. But no-one saw, so I don't care!

 I hope some of you had better weather!


2nd flight tortoiseshells are out, I read. This is what became of the 1st.

Geranium love

Onto the next one

Inflight close up

A tree bumblebee joins the frenzy

Under the laburnum

Poppy joy


In a Farndon garden

Forget me nots in the church

Willow holt

Rustic seat

Campion on the river bank

Inside a foxglove

Paddles away

The beautiful Farndon buttercup meadows



  1. Nice photos Simon, looks like a nice walk despite getting saturated.

  2. It was, and my shoes are now sitting on top of a very hot radiator

  3. I must say that your constant bee photographs Si have got me looking carefully at every bee I see and thinking I will start taking my camera.

  4. Lovely to see so many bees using the the colour of the flowers.

    Gosh you did get wet..........oh well, good test for clothing and trainers :(

    Love the poppies and buttercup if they were in the same meadow, wouldn't that be something.

  5. lovely photos, specially the bees. Soprry about the wet feet!

  6. Thank you for your kind comments, everyone. It makes being soaked and cold worthwhile!

  7. Love the poppies, buttercup meadow, campion and foxglove - lovely post. Hope your feet have dried out now.