Monday 1 June 2015

A Bee takes the Pain Away

The sun was shining when I awoke this morning, and given that the forecast for most of the day was terrible, I decided to get out straightaway.

This involved a rather painful hauling out of bed process - the muscle strains across my stomach and in my inner thighs means having them sort of "hanging there" unsupported is very sore, and any early morning coughing or sneezing is painful too.

Clambering over the bicycle based obstacle course at the bottom of the stairs is also a tricky little operation.

But, as I got out of the flat and inspected the colour saturated display of Polish flowers next door, it became worth it straightaway, because at last my neighbour's blooms have attracted pollinators. My first worker red-tailed bumblebee of the season was working away on cornflower type flower, and I could see that other bees were busy on other plants too. Fabulous. Made me feel much better.

Hopefully butterflies will appear when the weather warms up.

Indeed plenty of bees were in evidence as I walked along Clay Lane, and up the hill to the Beacon Hill reserve, despite the gathering storm clouds that have threatened a downpour all day without delivering and a pretty wild wind. The library park was all-a-buzzing even though the number one bee attractor, the heather, is not yet in bloom.

It still smells glorious though, I can't help but crush leaves between my fingers and smell them, no matter the season.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 31.05.15

Red0tailed, or possibly early, worker bumblebee on Polish flower

Horse amid the buttercups

The bower on Clay Lane

Beacon Hill Reserve nursery

I see a lot of this at the moment, I'm going to keep calling it vetch until someone tells me I'm a very silly man

White tailed bumble sheltering from the rain

Magnificent red tailed queen  just hanging around


  1. I think horse in the buttercups is my favourite today Si.

  2. Thanks for your support my friends, the horse was a ways off so not as clear as I'd like! Wondering what I'll see today, the weather is warming, but wild! There are plenty of bumbles about, and the sun is trying to come out.

  3. Nice to see the bees, you are right on the money with your Vetch (common Vetch) nice splash of colour.
    Amanda xx

  4. Hoorary! It is vetch! I'm not stupid after all!