Wednesday 17 June 2015

The Abandoned Blackbird Nests

I've had a very busy few days wandering around, and yes! hooray! running again, albeit very slowly.

We've had three unexpectedly warm days in a row, and although today has been humid and occasionally slightly damp, it has still been pleasant. The bumblebees have been out in abundance, especially the tree bumblebees in my two nests in the roof. The nest above my front door in particular is very busy, and from dawn till dusk the bees are buzzing around in a ginger cloud.

They are very fond of the aphid sap found on the underside of the holly and privet leaves.

I've been pottering in the folks' back garden tonight, admiring the new botanical additions. At one point I saw the naughty cat from next door climb guiltily down from one of the cloud trees, so my bird senses started tingling; that cat is an expert bird botherer.

Sure enough, there was a new nest in one of the trees, and devil cat had been having a look for blackbirds to harass. However, on a hand based inspection, there was a single blue speckled egg within, as cold as a stone. Such a beautiful thing, but devoid of life.

On a hunch, I checked the old pergola nest, and that too had a single cold blackbird egg in it. The cat had obviously driven both birds - or was it the same one each time? - away. The owners had put a bell on it, but it has been taken off, seemingly.

I love cats, I miss our family cats terribly, but I wish owners would bell their collars to protect bird life.

Soapbox away, enjoy the pictures!


All images and text copyright CreamCrackeredNature 18.06.15

Tree bumblebee has heavy saddlebags

The strong oily smell of ceonothus seems to be a big attractor


Fungi on the Sonce

Geranium party!

Beautiful cinnabar moth, my first of the year

Bit out of focus, now we have a scabious party

Waiting to bat in the nets. When I did, I was dismal

Errr, pink campion

Solitary bee on library geranium

Another geranium bee

Railway ox eye daisies

Bee was a-visiting

Some writer called "Bronte Emily". Who?

New in the garden

Twilight bee out back


  1. I just adore ox eye daisies Si - so got an eyeful there.

  2. Thank you! Today, I visited the poppies that have gained a lot of public attention in the town, and they truly are glorious!

  3. I have the same dilemma with cats, i love them, but hate what they do to the wildlife

  4. Great post Simon - adore the ox-eye daisies (wonderful display) :)

  5. The poppies and ox eye daises are doing us proud this year to say the least!