Saturday 6 June 2015

Am I a Fake or Not?

I was reading up on some tips for nature bloggers today, and one of the things that was stressed by a UK nature writer in a piece for The Guardian, was the importance of not faking anything about your experiences in the environment.

I felt this was certainly a very good point, and one that made me rather paranoid. Have I ever faked my emotions about what I've seen, or perhaps exaggerated for literary effect? And if so, has it been spotted by my readers?

I was so worried, as I did a 23km cycle this evening, I found myself asking the wildlife I encountered en route whether they thought I was nothing but a big faker.

"CACKLE" cried the crows circling over the sweetly putrescent rubbish tip.

"Prrreeeep" said the swallows softly as they escaped my bicycle along the Sustrans 64.

"CHEEEEESE!!!!" yelled a sulphurous yellowhammer on a telegraph wire.

"Crrreeeaaaaak" groaned my bike as I tried to do a Wiggins and pour on the power.

None of this was terribly helpful to me. I can only leave you with a few pictures, and a reassurance that my intent is, mainly, honourable.


All images and text copyright CreamCrackeredNature 06.06.15

There was a busy worker early bumble in the garden

Not sure what we have here

The long legged writer

Sun soaked poppies


  1. Mmmm a difficult question, some write to be noticed and perhaps then there may be a tendency to 'fake' the experience to make the post more 'appealing'. Some write what they see as a very factual and accurate report but then perhaps lose an audience with monotony and lack of feeling for the experience and the list goes on as to why and how people blog about wildlife.
    As for moi? Well I don't consider myself a writer nor a font of knowledge when it comes to wildlife. I write my posts as I would talk about the subject face to face, no airs n graces. Does that make my posts fake? I have no idea but I'll not worry about it as long as I still write about things as I would talk about em, you just have to be happy with yourself I guess.

  2. I had forgotten all about 'little bit o bread and no cheese' for the yellowhammer, so thanks for reminding me. Keep your writing just as it is - I enjoy every word and if you exaggerate I don't know about it do I? Mind you, I go on about nature, so if I suddenly say I have seen a humming bird you will know there is a degree of exaggeration there!

  3. I think there's a certain style of writing that is adoped by several of the well known nature writers that makes things seem more rarefied and literary than they are in reality. I prefer reading a mix of the straightforward observation and honest emotion.

    I like your bee photos, i wish i could identify more bee species with confidence.

  4. I do not think you exaggerate Simon, but then how would I know :)
    Whatever I like your posts and images......

    The last shot of the poppies is of my favourite wildflowers.

  5. I think your posts are honest and true to you, life's to short to worry...
    Like Cheryl love the last photo...
    Amanda xx

  6. Thank you folks, I think it's always a worry for many writers, well me, what their actual true voice is. That's why I try and write quickly, and not do too much editing, to try and maintain a bit of authenticity I guess.

    I love making words up too. Favourite sport of mine!