Sunday 7 June 2015

The Butterflies Return to Life

The butterflies really haven't had a great start to the year with the spring having been so cool and windy. I've really not seen many at all, and today'd walking and cycling - been out for three hours plus today - has really reinforced how badly orange tips in particular have faired this spring. Their numbers seem to be way down on the last couple of years. So it was nice to catch a few on the wing today, on what has been a glorious day. The ambient temperature has not been very high, but the sun has been very strong and the sky sufficiently clear to see to the edge of the universe. Speckled woods are the most numerous at the moment, with these brown and white spotted flutterers in evidence virtually anywhere there are a few trees. Large whites patrol hedgerows, the nervous small heath was out and about on Beacon Hill Park and doing its usual thing of flying away the moment a cameraphone was deployed within five metres. No skippers on the park yet though, although their favourite scabious flowers are out. I even saw my first red admiral of the year, a beautiful freshly unwrapped one on the reserve. When the buddleias along the river flower, then they will swarm in to drink deep of the purple flowers. I await the painted lady migration with interest. The feeling is it may be a strong year for them. Enjoy the sun! Si
Speckled wood on the cycle path
I'm flagging up a mallard
Buttercups paint the field gold
The dark and light of life
So much valerian around this year
Speckled wood again
Scabious, much beloved of burnet moths and skippers
Honey bee
Tree bumble on geranium


  1. Plenty of valerian here too Simon, but no butterflies as yet. Will keep my eyes open and let you know if and when orange tips arrive. I love them.

  2. Not many butterflies here either this year. I usually see a lot more orange tips than I have in the last month or so