Wednesday 3 June 2015

Colourdrunk After Work

A long shift today, as ever blue skies and light winds are timed by the gods to coincide with my working hours. No egrets did I see at the window connecting me with the outside world, nor buzzards, swallows or swifts.

No, it was empty blue sky in tiny short doses, interspersed with hours of artificial lights and flickering screens, suffused in crackly ionised air with an ozonal whiff.

Believe me, on a day like this it is such a joy to escape from the inside into the outside, to head home for the day.

But after all that fluorescent tube bathing, I was badly in need of some real colour. The Polish garden next door is not mine to use, obviously, so I headed straight for my folks' place and into their garden, to listen to the great tits and blackbirds sing, and take in the colours.

I haven't a clue what most of these flowers are, I'm sure some of you will. It was the first sight of blooming, beautiful water iris that prompted me to take a few photographs, in order to capture these colours forever as the sun sank lazily behind the bramley apple tree.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 03.06.15


  1. Your parents obviously love their garden Simon.....lots of colour there.
    Enjoy the sunshine :)

  2. What lovely colour splashes! Thank you, Simon, for your comment. I logged the ladybird as a 7-spot, and look forward to having it confirmed by the survey. Strange how the ladybird season seems out of step with the slow spring - well, slow here, but sunny today.

  3. Thank you! Looking forward to dragging my aching body in search of visual treats after saturday.

    I encourage the folks to keep the garden as natural as possible, but mum has to meddle!

  4. Lovely colourful plants in your parents' garden Simon. Such a lovely time of year as so many plants start to flower :)

  5. I just wish more butterflies would visit they've always been a bit shy of thast garden.

  6. Lovely colourful photos, Simon.

  7. Thank you so much, I hope for more and better as the year goes on.

  8. Gardening is one thing I must try and do