Wednesday 31 August 2011

No no swallows do not an autumn make

Ran out to Hawton today then across to Farndon and through Willow Holt before the river.

Was delighted to see that although there's none in town, there's still a few swallows out in the country - a few at Hawton, a few more eating midges on the river by the power station as a Cormorant sat atop a post watching all the old gents fishing.

I was glad to see the swallows, in this cool summer it gives you hope you might have a last couple of warm days before the thermals come out!

Willow Holt has had a haircut, and as I was surprised to find as I ran in through the Wyke Lane end, a herd of brown cows have moved in to that field. They were surprised as hell too and went running off, before pausing to regroup and take a few unfrightened steps towards me.

Being a coward, I figured a quick burst of speed would avoid a savage  harge by these terrifying beasts...I think I could have rested easy though.

In the wood by the river, a couple of biggish dragonflies still about, and by the river, I saw a peacock as well as plenty of whites. The cropped meadows mean no more gatekeeper or meadow brown though in the Holt.

Overall, a good run, but it was another drab grey green day and gives me unhappy thoughts of the days to come.

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