Monday 1 August 2011

The RSPB are right, everyone's gone!

Yep, just as they said online and in the latest edition of "Birds" all the garden birds have tripped out into the country for an all you can eat pre winter buffet.

The endless squabbling sparrows in my shrubs, the local raggedy robin, the thrushes, the blackbird impersonating a ringing telephone; all have gone. All that's left are a few Woodpigeon and Collared Doves - I'm sure these haven't been so numerous this year.

Today has been stupifyingly hot and humid without there actually being any sun, and most living things apart from me have been sensible and not done any flapping or fluttering. Me, I ran 6 miles and felt like I was dying, and there was nothing much to see today apart from the sweat streaming down my corneas.

It hurts! It stings! Owwwww!

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