Sunday 28 August 2011

Cricket and white flowers

Another bright, but thin, brittle day with a cold old breeze seemingly blowing in your face no matter in which direction you are running.

Did the two lakes (and missed out Beacon Hill, figured it would be as muddy as hell up there) but did a strategic few laps of a cricket match at Elm Field, the old RHP ground. God, that leg spinner, reckon I could have panned him out the park. And I was a hopeless batsman.

Not much action on the two lakes - Mallards and Coots mainly, but as I set off down the cycle path to the railway station, noticed a few White and Peacock butterflies around what's left of the buddleiah. Also noticed this new plant that seems to have flowered late, clinging to the depressing and creaky chicken wire fence that separates the path from the cheap and scratchy looking East Coast Trains hammering up North and down South.  It has these feathery looking, trailing white flowers that could easily belong on mars.

Not a clue what it is, as usual.

I apologise for this blog being written by the most idiotic botanist ever to walk the earth. The prisoners in Plato's cave would identify plants better. I just have no idea where to go - the world of the green leafy and flowery things is just so huge!

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