Friday 19 August 2011

From the river to the lake

Today's run took me out to Kelham, across along the country lane to Muskham, and then back into town along the Great North Road.

It is, by no means a pretty road. It's busy roads, lorries, badly driven vans and bland farmscapes with all possible lanes blocked off with heavy tree trunks and gates to prevent fly tipping.

And on the lane to Muskham,risk of being taken out by a car. Shan't run along here, I declare.

Not much to see then, but I fancied a change. Plenty of Goldfinch and other finchy looking flocks in the hedges though. Because of the roads, I ducked out onto a footpath that led through a field along the Trent, again a rather unattractive stretch, but a Banded Demoiselle greeted me, and another big yellow brown dragonfly, similar to the ones I most commonly see at Langford Lowfields. A fair few white butterflies about too.

I found that the fences under the bridge to the Muskham lake had been vandalised, could easily have run round the lake. But fishermen were about and no doubt some rod wielder or other would have kicked up a fuss. So I just ran home along the road.

As usual, the lake was sterile, devoid of life, barely even a bush in sight. Really dislike that place. If the restricted access preserved wildlife, I wouldn't be bothered.

But there is barely nothing living to see.

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