Tuesday 2 August 2011

Ladybird Ladybird

Too hot to do anything much but sit outside and read...

...although I still managed to go for a four or so mile run along the cycleway, as with yesterday most living things are not as stupid as I am.

What have been around in large numbers today have been ladybirds - everywhere you look you could see them floating around, looking oddly like a miniature version of the cute spiral flying lizards in the movie Avatar! Most of them were of the 6 spot variety, or what I though was the 6 spot variety until looking here;


And thus I see they are 7 spot ladybirds! There was another one, much smaller, with a series of blotches rather than spots. Doesn't seem to be on that list, although I will look again later.

Seeing as there are virtually no birds in my garden at the moment, they are probably living it up!

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