Friday 26 August 2011

Too tired to look about me

I was feeling fat yesterday - thyis time off work has drawbacks you know! - and so decided to run a half marathon on the course used by the town for the race a couple of weeks ago.

4 and a half miles in after the unscenic slog around Hawtonville, decided that this was damn stupid and figured that doing a tour of the two lakes and Beacon Hill would be better. Who needs to go out in the bleak vastnesses beyond British Gypsum?

So theoretically I should have loads to report, but as I ended up running for over two hours and probably half marathon distance anyway, looping up and down London Road and out along Clay Lane, I don't. Apart from the fact that my legs aren't as sore as I expected. There are still a few red admirals about, and on Clay Lane a flock of Long Tail Tits were "zupping" in the Hawthorns and Elderberries; as ever a most pretty sight. Seems to be spring and autumn when you see these little flocks the most, I say without anything really to back this up bar a wonky memory.

Weather foul today, so may not get out at all. Lazy lazy boy.

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