Saturday 20 August 2011

Tonight I fly for Eeeeeeeggggpyt

7 mile run today, full length off Clay Lane route. The Sloes are starting to appear, making my mother slaver at the prospect of me finally making some Sloe gin for her.

Same slavering as every year! It'll never happen. I will endeavour to collect some though when they are ready, and must get at the Blackberries before they are over as well. Always a bit nervous about picking berries in the wild though. Orgo warned me about this on He Man when I was a child, and I still heed his words about berry picking!

LOL, should be ok with Sloes and Blackberries though. They are pretty distinctive, no?

Ringlets seems to have gone at Beacon Hill, still Speckled Woods about, and plenty of Gatekeepers.

The swallows are still continuing to mass, sitting on telegraph wires or making confetti of the air with their wings as they feed for their lives. No idea how much longer we will have them; the swifts are already gone, it would appear.

Migrating swallows - I always think of Oscar Wilde and his story The Happy Prince. I mention this every year I'm sure, somewhere. The animated version of this I still cannot watch, even now. Like Born Free, brings me out in tears every time.

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