Tuesday 30 August 2011

Poor Tufty

Today's run was a weird route I've only done once before - to Balderton and then along the length of Lowfield Lane. It's a curious spot, pretty open fields and sewage works. Ubiquitous Sloe and Hawthorn berries everywhere, and Robins are becoming more prominent as Summer ends. Their red breasts show up more as the colours fade.

No swallows to be seen anywhere.

Was delighted to find a place selling eggs along here with an honesty box outside! Have promised to go and get some for my mother, lovely big free range hen eggs, or maybe duck eggs if we're lucky.

Just love to see that sort of thing.

After running a long way back along the cycling path, Grebe and chum on the lake, more out eclipse Mallards (I make them sound like Pink Floyd fans with all this 'eclipse' business) on the lake, I came to the river to find a couple fishing on a barge - man I love barges, I so want one - returning a very large eel to the depths. Whoah, had to double take at that. Have never seen one of these taken before although I imagine it happens often enough. I doubt anyone fancies eating anything taken in Newark waters! I notice the authorities at the lake even took down the "Do Not Eat the Swans" signs. The polish folk found it hilarious to be branded as swan eaters!

Later, saw a Squirrel killed on the road. One second a happy quicksilver ball of fur, the next it just ran straight onto the busy road. Like I fool I cried out as two cars hit it. Upsetting. Poor thing.

A grey end to a grey grey day. It's like running through a Husker Du song.

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