Wednesday 10 August 2011

Megabites to report

So, after yesterdays trip to Langford followed by a long run and walk in the evening, today I've got some terrific itches on my arms, face, and stomach!

These insects who so intrigues me yesterday, appear to have decided to repay me by biting the hell out of me! They don't feel exactly like standard mossie bites either, hotter, more painful, so maybe it was the big bugger horseflies or the funny flies wih red eyes and camouflaged wings like a vulcan bomber that got me.

By the way, I'm sure mosquitoes seem much larger these days, so large in fact I'm surprised folk don't haemorrhage to death when bitten.

Didn't see much on todays run, the west end of Beacon Hill is still yellow with ragwort, with a bit of purple thistle thrown in, and the Buddleiah are still just about in bloom - didn't do a butterfly check though.

I was on a running mission - I felt very lazy!

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