Saturday 27 August 2011

All feels like shutting down

Only a shorter 5 mile route today or so, noticed again that aa few of the mallard drakes seem to be coming out of eclipse and getting their bottle green heads again. The Great Crested Grebe was back on London Road Lake after some sort of holiday, the Tufted Ducks still seem to be on theirs.

All the Blackberries have been eaten by the birds. And irritating children.

Beacon Hill is losing its colour, Buddleiah's fading fast. Only have dim memories of seeing a few White butterflies about. EVerything feels bleached out blanched out, summer colour washing away on a bright, sunny yet 'thin' feeling sort of day.

I've ttried to make the most of it, but it doesn't seem like there's been a really proper summer this year. What will I be able to look for at Langford or Beacon Hill or Willow Holt as the autumn blows in on a flow of golden leaves?

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