Monday 22 August 2011

Steampunk Ladybirds

Ran 6-7 miles today, the back way from Clay Lane to Beacon Hill, past yet another fly tip halfway up, past the fallen tree. Horrendous. I've notified the council to keep an eye on the area, no idea if they are doing so or not.

It was warm, but the sun was only intermittently out. Good job, as I didn't have one of my low cost and probably useless isotonic drinks with me and was feeling a bit overheated. Stupid boy.

Still the odd Gatekeeper to be seen in Beacon Hill at the Nursery End, but Butterfly Park, well the Buddleiahs are over, and all the peacocks and red admirals. As in spring we counted them in, now one by one we count them gone. The Birds Foot Trefoil is over as well, those lovely little yellow carpets.

Suddenly the House Sparrows have come back from their holidays, and are screeching about in little flocks on the industrial estate, and back on my drive.

Been wanting to write about ladybirds again. There's a lot of 7 spotters around in my garden - and a yellow and black one turned up on my arm the other day - and I love watching them fly about. They are like dinky little steampunk airships, little buzzing wings, opened up carapace and dangling legs. You could see them in Alan Moore, League of Extraordinary Gentleman or some other piece of victorian dystopia, piloted by a beggogled waistcoat wearing type. Airborne steampunk disco!

Man, how I'd love that!

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