Friday 5 August 2011

Wagtails on the Wasteland

As I cycled out of work yesterday, the unattractive scrubby patch next to the cycle path that makes Paris - Roubaix cobbles seem as smooth as J-Lo's legs was busy with Wagtails twittering away amongst the ragwort and thistles.

Seemed to be both Pied and Yellow present, a rather prettier sight than the rather tatty crows you normally see here. A Pied Wagtail actually managed to get into work the other day and spent the whole day trying to get out through the skylights, peeping away with the stress.

"Go on, that way" I said, pointing away towards the outside. No-one else notticed the little feathered stray, it was a rather upsetting sight actually, the bird fooled by every skylight as it flitted up and down like a piece of origami rather than a living thing. It wasn't around the next day, so I presume it got out in the end, which is more than I can say for me.

For I too stare at the skylights and wish of a way out.

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