Thursday 11 August 2011

My photography tips and techniques

As I'm walking through the streets, or minding my own business while busy at work, people often come up and ask me the secrets of how I take my photographs of wildlife.

It's a fairly simple technique, and the equipment I use is well within the compass of the casual amateur. I use a Samsung Mobile Phone with a 5 mp camera on it, and use a stalking technique for getting near the subject matter. I lie on the ground and wriggle towards my quarry before pointing the camera at it and hoping it doesn't fly / run off before the slightly slow mobile camera responds. A range of about 9 inches seems to be optimum.

Or, you can use the well tried "stand over it and hope while not breathing" method. Works somtimes.

Butterflies seem to be often best photographed by leaping about like a stupid person from Buddleiah plant to plant, firing off shot after shot and hoping you get a clear one!

My lighting rig consists of the sun when it's out, preferably at the right sort of angle to not leave everything dazzled out.

Editing - well I can crop pics on the phone, but no photoshopping or dreamweaving!

LOL seriously I would love to get hold of a decent camera and try some decent bird and wildlife stuff; it would also be handy for my sci fi work and ideas I have for 80s style photostories.

But for now, just with a mobile phone camera, I get the odd really nice pic.

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