Monday 15 August 2011

Oh sweet lil' rodent thing

Got some time off work so plan to be active.

Did tour of the two lakes today, ran about 9 miles or so in quite warm humid conditions. As ever the big Balderton lake was pretty boring, the only noteworthy sight being a couple of white domestic ducks that seem to have moved in - lot of hybrid mallards on this lake and the London Road lake.

London Road Lake - quiet

Clay Lane - quiet, still lots of fly tipping evidence about, Whites, Meadow Browns and Gatekeepers still about. The corn paints a warming cast on the fields. I felt like collapsing into it and leaving a creamcrackered man shape kind of corn circle. I was hot by then.

Beacon Hill reserve is getting very tangly and overgrown with late summer plants, I guess, saw a skipper amongst the thistles.

All the ringlets seem to have disappeared.

The novel sight of the day was actually running alongside London Road lake. About 5 metres in front of me (does google prefer me to be metric?) a wee dinky little rodent scuttled across the path in front of me. No idea what it was, didn't seem to have much of a tail tail and looked a little big to be a mouse. Bank Vole? No idea. But I've never seen such  a sight before in all my runs along the cycle track.

Goes to show, really, that there is always something new to see, even in the most familiar of places.

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